VBNCard Next Generation Business Card

Contactless Smart Way of Communication Next Generation Digital Business Card

Prices Starting at $100

Fast. Digital. Contactless. Communication.

What is VBNCARD ?

VBN Digital Business Card allows you to quickly transfer your contact information, social media information and much more to any smartphone without the need for an app.

    Fast and Contactless

    With VBN, you can export your information as fast as a paper business card. Moreover, thanks to NFC and QR technologies, you do not even need to contact to register..

    A Digital Experience!

    How memorable do you think you are with the paper business cards you have been using for years? In our opinion, have the experience of meeting VBN!

    Protects Nature!

    VBN is produced from a bioplastic that is biodegradable faster than other plastics. In addition, a sapling is planted for each card purchased..

How to use?

Contactless with NFC, Scanning with QR
You can share your profile.

*VBN Compatible with All New Generation Devices.

Social media accounts. Company information. Link Redirects. Bank Accounts.

Some Features of VBNCard

Want to Explore Closer?

*VBNCard creates the update calendar taking into account the incoming requests.

Social Media Sharing

You can add 50+ different social media addresses to your profile, especially Instagram, LinkedIn, and analyze click-through rates.

CV, Portfolio Sharing

With VBN, you can add your CVs as PDF and create a Portfolio thanks to the directions.

Fully Customizable

You can create your own style in VBN. With 3 themes, 100+ background options, it's entirely up to you to be different from other profiles!

Constantly Updated

The information in VBN is not one-time. When any of your information changes, you can log in and update your panel and stay up to date.

Analyze Your Traffic

Thanks to the analysis system, you can view how many times your profile has been viewed and how many times you have been registered in the directory..

Management Panel for Companies

With the management panel provided to the companies, you can edit the personnel information from a single place, and changes can be made in the profiles collectively.

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How Does VBNCard Work?

*Until you receive your VBN card, you can use it with the QR code and link shared with you.


Order your own VBN easily via the purchase link.

Create Your Profile

Create your VBN profile and start using it as supported until your card arrives.

Get Your Card Delivered

Since VBN is a special production, it is delivered within 10 working days. Receive your card.

Enjoy Digital

Enjoy a new way of sharing knowledge. Feel free to share your complaints and suggestions with us!


Frequently Asked Questions

*Technical support if your question is not answered here You can contact us.

It is the modern day version of the regular business card, you can constantly update your information on the web, so you don't have to issue a new business card.

Anyone who wants to make a technological first impression and wants to be memorable, without any limitations.


No, VBN and other TechnoWide products are purely Web-based systems, you don't have to download apps.

There are 2 technologies in the cards, NFC & QR technology allows you to share with any smart mobile device provides.

Ask Question. Place Order. Make Complaint and Suggestion.

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Our technical support team is waiting for you to answer your questions, how it is used, its advantages, some tips on where to start, the order process, order status and cargo tracking via WhatsApp.